Teenage Engineering PO-28 Pocket Operator Robot

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Weight 0.14 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3.5 × 0.2 in
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Teenage Engineering PO-28 Pocket Operator Robot

Small enough to fit in your pocket and powered by a pair of AAA batteries, the Teenage Engineering PO-28 Pocket Operator Robot Synthesizer features synthesized sounds and waveforms as well as a micro drum kit with 16 punch-in effects including distortion, repeat, filters, fill-ins, glitches, and noise effects. The synthesizer parameters can be locked, while a 16-step sequencer, which holds 16 patterns in memory, can be chained into a song with up to 128 patterns. An integrated clock and alarm clock expand the creative possibilities of the instrument. A jam-sync function with 3.5mm audio in and out connections allows for multiple synthesizer units to be linked together.

Synthesized Robot Sounds

Using high-quality components with low-power consumption, the synthesizer is cleverly designed with a Silabs EFM 32 Gecko CPU, a Cirrus Logic DAC, and a Knowles speaker placed under a novel animated LCD on a single circuit board. A foldout stand makes it easier to play and rear panel speaker solder terminals allow you hook up the unit to a larger sound system. An optional tailor-made silicone pro case (sold separately) adds anti-slip feet, battery protection, and professional-feel buttons to this very unique music-making device.

Sounds                                        Effects

1. LFO pulse wave

2. pulse wave

3. mixed wave

4. triangle wave

5. echo

6. arpeggio

7. vibrato

8. 4-bit triangle

9. LFO pulse wave

10. pulse wave

11. mixed wave

12. triangle wave

13. echo

14. arpeggio

15. vibrato

16. micro drum kit


1. distorted filter

2. distorted sweep

3. repeat 4

4. repeat 2

5. lowpass slow sweep

6. lowpass fast sweep

7. hipass filter

8. hipass sweep

9. fill-in

10. fill-in (fast)

11. retrigger

12. retrigger (fast)

13. glitch

14. glitch (fast)

15. blinds

16. noise effect



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