Gator GFW-KEY-2000X Double X-Style Keyboard Stand

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Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 40 × 40 in
Product Condition

Gator Frameworks Double Brace X-Style Keyboard Stand with Adjustable Height and Leveling Feet (GFW-KEY-2000X)

Gator Frameworks’, GFW-KEY-2000X, X-style keyboard stand is simple and sturdy. This stand features an easily adjustable tooth style locking mechanism that allows for multiple points levels of height. Meaning sitting or standing, you’ll have a comfortable playing experience. Making it perfect for keyboardists who are playing for an extended period of time. Rubberized feet on both the top and bottom keep not only your gear secure, but the stand itself secure in its position. The stand also cleans up into a compact size for easy travel.

Rubberized Gripping Feet

The rubberized feet keep the stand from shifting and sliding during use while extending the life of the stand by protecting the edges from dents and dings during transit.

Secure Adjustment Lock

Adjust the stand to the perfect height for sitting or standing and lock it into place with the gator teeth snap-tight locking mechanism to keep the stand exactly where you need it.

Lightweight Dual Brace Design

Dual brace design with heavy-duty steel tubing construction, for when you need a strong, lightweight, and compact solution.

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