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We provide musicians with on-demand access to borrow the hottest music instruments, gear, and accessories, all via a monthly membership subscription model.

create recurring revenue

Earn recurring, monthly payouts for participating in our partner program. Each month you'll generate extra cash based on how much gear you lend.

improve margins

Stop giving away your margins to traditional retailers. Earn more with monthly partner payouts and pay lower rates than Reverb and Amazon.

turn overstock into cash

You know all that extra stock filling your warehouse? Loaning it via BuyOrBorrow Music can make you way more $ than selling it at a discount. Stop giving away your margins and create recurring cash flow instead.

boost brand awareness

With the shift to e-commerce, consumers are losing the ability to experiment with products before purchasing. We can put your gear in the hands of thousands of users by bringing the music store experience to the home.

How it works


Sync your inventory with us

This can be as easy as providing a preformatted spreadsheet daily showing your current inventory levels. Alternatively, we also offer consignment or 3PL servicesto hold inventory on your behalf.

begin lending out your products

We’ll immediately make your products available to our extensive member base across the US. If a borrowing request comes in for one of your products, we’ll fulfill it via your inventory.

earn recurring revenue each month

Each month that your product spends in our members’ hands, you’ll earn recurring revenue, ranging from $15 to $59 / month.Your earnings are paid out each calendar month.

Drive sales directly

On average, our members purchase their borrowed gear 30% of the time. If your product sells to one of our members, we simply charge a 5% purchase fee (and 2.9%payment processing fee) and pay out the remaining sale value to you in full.

frequently asked questions

If a borrowed item is not returned, BuyOrBorrow Music completely covers any loss for the partner. The partner will be compensated at the standard retail price for the item, ensuring they bear no financial impact.
In cases where items are damaged or broken by a borrower, BuyOrBorrow Music covers all losses or damages. We bill the responsible user, ensuring there is no liability on the partner’s part.
Partners have two options for syncing inventory: either send the inventory to us for distribution using a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) approach, or provide us with a spreadsheet of their inventory on a regular schedule (daily, weekly, etc.), allowing them to fulfill and ship orders directly.
Partners can cancel their partnership at any time with a 30-day notice. Upon cancellation, any products out on loan will be returned to the partner within 60 days of the notice period.
Getting started with BuyOrBorrow Music is straightforward and flexible. Partners can start with any number of products, ranging from one to a hundred or more. It’s entirely up to the partner.
If a member decides to purchase a product they have borrowed, they keep the current unit. There is no need to ship another unit back to the borrower.
Our team handles the entire process of checking products upon return. We perform thorough quality checks, including taking photographs of items before they go out and when they return, ensuring everything is logged and accounted for.
To create a partnership, interested parties simply need to sign a straightforward contract provided by us. Once the contract is executed, the partnership can begin as soon as the next business day.

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Damage Protection - What's Covered?

BuyOrBorrow Music offers a Damage Protection Plan that’s available for any gear rental. It protects you from having to pay the entire cost of the item, repair costs, or any other liabilities in the event of unintentional damage to the product. It does not cover theft or loss of the gear.

To see all the nitty gritty legal details of the plan, you can check out what our ultra boring lawyers have to say about it in our Terms of Membership, Rental, and Sale.