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Currently the only membership plan that can earn credit toward purchasing is our Headliner plan. 

But stay tuned! We’re working to roll out a new plan that lets all members earn toward their purchases. 

You can keep it up to the maximum limit for each plan (3 months for Opener, 6 months for Pro, and unlimited for Headliner). Or if you want to keep things fresh, you can swap your gear out every 30 days!

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to create a borrow list of gear that you’d like to try out. We use that list to plan our inventory and ensure we’ve got gear in stock that users want.

We’ll send you items from your list based on our stock and availability. If there is a piece of gear that you really want first or next, just use the priority toggle in your borrow list to let us know what you’d like most.

Otherwise, we’ll keep things fresh and fun by sending you gear from your list as it becomes available! It typically takes about 5-7 days to get your first shipment.

It typically takes about 5-7 days to get your first gear shipment after you sign up. Following that, shipments will be a bit faster as each member creates a borrow list that allows us to better plan inventory. The more items you add to your borrow list, the faster and better we can serve you!
Every 30 days you can choose to either swap out your gear for something else or keep it longer.

Accidents happen 😢. You can choose to purchase a Damage Protection plan for your gear that will cover any damage or excessive wear. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible to pay the cost of repair or replacement. Any gear that is lost (other than in shipping) will be automatically billed at standard cost to your credit card. Damage Protection plans do not cover loss.

It’s easy! We include a return label in each shipment. Just place the gear back in the original packaging, slap the return label on over the original, and drop it off at your local shipping point. You can also schedule USPS or UPS pickups at your home to save a trip!

Most members are approved without the need for a security deposit! However, in some cases we may need to charge a refundable security deposit to activate your membership.

Our Opener and Pro memberships do not require credit checks. Instead, we use data from your registration payment to assess lending risk.

If your account will require a deposit a member of our team will contact you to discuss the details. 


Our Opener and Pro accounts do not require any formal credit checks!

Instead, we use data from your registration payment to assess lending risk and determine if a security deposit is required. 

Headliner membership does require a simple soft pull credit check. It does not affect your credit score and does not require any sensitive personal info like your SSN.

No worries! All of our plans bill month to month and you can cancel or pause at any time. Simply send back the gear you are borrowing, and we can pause or cancel your membership on request. You’ll have 10 days to return the gear after pausing or canceling. If we don’t receive it, we’ll simply charge the purchase price to the card on file.
Absolutely! Our Pro plan comes with basic Gear Consultant support by email. Headliners get even more VIP treatment with access to a personal Gear Consultant (via text, phone, or video chat) who can recommend products and guide you on your journey.
For now, we require you to either ship back all your items when you want to swap, or purchase what you don’t ship back. We’re working to make our logistics even more flexible in the future.
The max value refers to the maximum purchase price cost of the items you can borrow. Pro members can borrow any single item up to $1,000 in maximum purchase value. Headliner members can borrow up to 3 items with a combined maximum purchase value limit of $3,000.
VIP Gear belongs to a special collection of vintage, rare, or boutique gear that is reserved only for our Headliner members. We do require a quick proof of ID before loaning out any of this gear. Submitting a photo of your driver’s license is all we need.

Unfortunately, no 😢. We currently only support the mainland US but we are working on expanding internationally soon!

Since we lend out expensive equipment with no formal credit checks, we use a simple secure process to verify your ID with Stripe, one of the largest and most secure payment processors in the world.

It only takes about 30 seconds and your information remains totally safe, secure, and confidential.