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Optimized for guitarists, applicable to all!

In the past, ring mod effect units were more of a staple of innovative synthesists than guitar stars. But the Gonkulator changed that by equipping it with DOD “grunge” distortion for added clarity. Distortion for clarity — no way, right? But hear us out. Any effect with tremolo-like resonance tends to come with a perceived volume loss ranging from slight to severe, depending on the device. Gigging artists tended to pair ring mods with volume-boosting distortion, so why not combine them? With distortion on tap, the Gonkulator remedies volume loss and readily adapts to different rigs, different stage sizes, and diverse signal chains. It also means one less stompbox you have to hit for massive tone. But if grunge isn’t your thing, fear not. The distortion circuit can be completely turned off and bypassed. However, we highly recommend tinkering with distortion levels and exploring new sounds. Whether for guitar, bass, keys, synth, or even drums, the Gonkulator has a life of its own that transcends genre boundaries. To put it another way, it’s the perfect solution for giving tracks a taste of the weird and the eerie.

DOD’s Coveted Ring Mod — Enhanced With ’90s Dirt

From raspy mangled tremolos to stunning bell-like chime, the DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator pedal delivers impressive and downright unique sounds with the pedigree to prove it. The original Gonkulator was made for only a brief time in the late ’90s, but its impact is undeniable.


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