Elektron Analog Heat MKII

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in
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Elektron Heat MKII

Stereo analog sound processor

Nature has a way of turning something pretty into a thing of timeless beauty. Rocks erode into new textures. Plants wilt and pale, or show vibrant new colors. Analog Heat MKII boosts the color, texture, and temperature of your sound. Exposing its inner beauty. Gently or roughly. Making it glow.

Audio enhancer, audio destroyer

Plug in and boost any sound source. Samplers, drum machines, synths, vocals, master bus, you name it. It’s a fiery furnace ready to ignite your music, while keeping the structure and integrity of the signal.

Wheel-of-fortune of distortion

Each of the eight analog circuits offers its own unique way of processing sound. Clean boost, saturation, enhancement, mid-drive, crunch, distortion, harmonic fuzz, or high gain. You’ll find your favorite.

Sculpt the flame

Control the frequency and overtone content of your sound further using the resonant multi-mode filter. Low pass, high pass, bandpass, notch, or peak. Determine the level of your lows and highs by setting the analog equalizer dials. The low-end/high-end action of the equalizer adapts to suit the particulars of each effects circuit.

Join the movement

Add contour and movement to the boosted signal with a bonfire of modulation options. Kick the envelope into action at the audio level and frequency band of your choice. The plentiful destinations include drive, filter, EQ, and LFO. Make any parameter wobble and weave in a coordinated or chaotic manner using multi-waveform LFOs with a great speed range.

Brighter and better

Durable precision encoders, tough back-lit keys, and a crisp OLED screen: big, sharp, and bright. Perfect for performing in the dark. The animated visual feedback of the signal makes overview and understanding of modulation a breeze.

Plug and play

Easily connect to other class-compliant devices such as computers, phones, or tablets over USB. Use it as an audio interface, as a sound processor for your USB audio host, or set up audio routing in a multitude of other ways to suit your particular needs.

Eight ways to boost your sound

Glimpse into the sizzling hot condensers, diodes, and other neat things that do their very best to squeeze, crunch, pump, or distort your sound.

The first four effects circuits offer clean and non-destructive boosts. The next four provide increasingly aggressive signal-crunching.Clean boost – A high internal voltage boost, keeping the integrity and content of the signal.

Saturation – Warm tape-style saturation adds soft complexity to the signal peaks. Equalizer controls accentuate the effect subtly.

Enhancement – Adds a tube-like glow to the signal while keeping it clear and defined. Equalizer controls introduce slight static at max settings.

Mid-drive – A solid mid-range overdrive effect, keeping the overall signal peaks well defined.

Rough crunch – A gritty circuit that squeezes and deforms the peaks to an expressive effect. Equalizers set to max emphasize the crunch.

Classic dist – Trusty distortion of upper- and mid-range frequencies. Equalizer settings can add impact to the distortion.

Round fuzz – A warm, fuzzy distortion that adds fringes and complexity to the signal peaks in a charming manner. Equalizer extremes fuzz it up even more.

High Gain – The most aggressive boost of all. Plenty of gain, great sustain. Extreme equalizer settings impact the sonic mayhem.

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