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overhyped gear

Get on-demand access to borrow the hottestmusic gear for as little as $19.99 / month*.

What is


It’s like having a best friend that will hook you up with hundreds of pieces of gear, whenever you want, for as long as you want. For like, really cheap.

But if you want the more technical answer 🤓, we’re an online membership program that gives musicians access to borrow anything they want from our massive inventory.

What is


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BuyOrBorrow Music allows me to explore the gear I want, without the hassle of constant buying and selling.
Lee B.
Nashville, TN
BuyOrBorrow Music has allowed me to discover gear I never knew I needed. It’s a game changer.
Shane H.
Birmingham, AL
BuyOrBorrow is my dream subscription service, I’ve been looking for something like this for years!
Jonathan S.
Hixson, TN
BuyOrBorrow Music is the coolest concept! I love being able to try out pedals with my own rig without the hassle of buying and selling.
Seth R.
Greenfield, MA
It's like borrowing gear from a friend! Having easy access to get new gear, whenever I want, helps keeps me constantly inspired.
Clay R.
Odenville, AL
BuyOrBorrow Music gives me hands-on access to incredible gear right in the comfort of my own home, without draining my bank account!
Matt M.
Moody, AL

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Get Access to More Gear and Better Perks

  • Borrow 1 item at a time, $1k max value

  • Borrow any item up to 6 months max

  • Swap item 30 days after each shipment

  • Basic gear consultant support

  • Access to members only sales offers

  • Access to workshops & other live events

$29.99 /month

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Damage Protection - What's Covered?

BuyOrBorrow Music offers a Damage Protection Plan that’s available for any gear rental. It protects you from having to pay the entire cost of the item, repair costs, or any other liabilities in the event of unintentional damage to the product. It does not cover theft or loss of the gear.

To see all the nitty gritty legal details of the plan, you can check out what our ultra boring lawyers have to say about it in our Terms of Membership, Rental, and Sale.