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BuyOrBorrow Music allows me to explore the gear I want, without the hassle of constant buying and selling.
Lee B.
Nashville, TN
Ellipse 1
BuyOrBorrow Music has allowed me to discover gear I never knew I needed. It’s a game changer.
Shane H.
Birmingham, AL
Untitled design-98
BuyOrBorrow is my dream subscription service, I’ve been looking for something like this for years!
Jonathan S.
Hixson, TN
BuyOrBorrow Music is the coolest concept! I love being able to try out pedals with my own rig without the hassle of buying and selling.
Seth R.
Greenfield, MA
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It's like borrowing gear from a friend! Having easy access to get new gear, whenever I want, helps keeps me constantly inspired.
Clay R.
Odenville, AL
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BuyOrBorrow Music gives me hands-on access to incredible gear right in the comfort of my own home, without draining my bank account!
Matt M.
Moody, AL