Everything You Need to Become a Vocal Powerhouse, in Just 6 Months!

We’ve partnered with Tunelark, a leader in online music education, to create a curated bundle of equipment and lessons that will supercharge your journey to becoming a vocal star! Not only will you get all the gear you need, but you’ll also get 6 months of personalized vocal lessons from seasoned professionals.

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About Tunelark and BuyOrBorrow Music

BuyOrBorrow Music is an exclusive membership club that allows musicians to borrow the hottest music equipment on-demand, for a simple membership fee. Our partnership with Tunelark allows members to get not only the best gear but also all the lessons, education, and resources they need to become amazing musicians. 

How it works


Kick Off Your Journey!

Purchase our exclusive bundle and get your hand-selected vocal gear sent directly to your door to borrow for up to 6 months.

Redeem your TuneLark lessons

We’ll provide you with a registration code to start your Tunelark account where you can easily get started with lessons.


Pick your instructor

Pick from a portfolio of world-class vocal instructors to start your journey. Want to try more than one? You’ll get 3 trial lessons to pick the one that’s best for you!

Refine your craft

Enjoy half a year of online lessons and music education to help you become an amazing performer. 

What gear you’ll get first with your 6-month lesson bundle

Meet some of our tutors

Chelsea L.


Chelsea studied saxophone, flute, voice, guitar, and piano from an early age. She holds a bachelor’s in saxophone performance from Florida State University School of Music where refined her skills as a classical musician.

Chelsea L.


Isabella is a versatile, award-winning musician who specializes in a wide variety of vocal styles including opera, jazz, pop, and musical theatre. She made her professional debut in 2009 and has performed on three continents and held several resident artist positions since.

Zafer E.


Zafer is a vocal coach, singer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist. He started his vocal journey later than most at the age of 18. He quickly realized that singing is a skill that can be developed; it is not exclusively a talent with which someone is born.

Nick C.


Nick is a three-time vocal finalist in the National Association of Teachers of Singing Student Competition. He graduated with distinction in 2018 from the University of North Carolina Asheville with a bachelor of science in music technology and a concentration in voice performance.

Start Your vocal Journey Today!

Purchase our custom Tunelark bundle to get all the gear and lessons you will need to become a confident vocalist in just 6 months. This offer only lasts for the holidays so sign up today and start your journey!


Get Access to More Gear and Better Perks

  • Exclusive vocal bundle, including microphone, audio interface, headphones, and accessories

  • 3 trial lessons to select your vocal instructor, plus 6 more 30-min lessons from your chosen teacher

  • Lessons are 30 min each

  • Borrow the vocal equipment for up to 6 months

  • Earn 1,200 BuyOrBorrow loyalty points, which can be cashed in for purchases


$399.00 /

frequently asked questions

Absolutely! It makes a phenomenal gift for a loved one who’s aspiring to become a better singer in 2024! We make the process of getting their gear and getting started with lessons super straightforward with clear instructions and support available every step along the way.

Imagine learning music 1-on-1 from an expert teacher without leaving the comfort of your own home. That’s what our virtual lessons (also known as “video chat” or “webcam” lessons) are all about. All you need is a device – be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer – and a reliable internet connection. You can turn any part of your home into a personal music studio.

Students and instructors often join from multiple devices at the same time in order to have multiple camera angles. By angling their devices in clever ways, both the student and instructor can see the instruments and each other simultaneously, enabling a rich, interactive experience.

Virtual lessons can feel like being in the same room — except that you’re in your own cozy space at home.

Virtual music lessons are every bit as effective as in-person ones. With online lessons, you get the convenience of flexible scheduling and no commute time, as well as the benefit of learning from top-tier instructors. It’s personal, it’s direct, it’s safe, and for many, being in their own space is more relaxing and reduces distractions. Moreover, teachers find clever ways to leverage the digital environment. For example, many teachers point a 2nd camera toward their hands to make it easier to demonstrate things on their instrument.

Research confirms that with the right setup, online music lessons can match, if not surpass, traditional ones. For the curious, we dive deeper into this in our blog post on “Evidence-Based Benefits of Online Music Education.

Absolutely, kids thrive in virtual lessons. Their natural ease with technology makes the transition seamless. Here’s what it offers:

  • Handpicked, background-checked instructors, ensuring safety and quality.
    The comfort of learning from home, which often means less nervousness and more focus.
  • A wider net to find that perfect teacher, thanks to no geographical limitations.
  • A breather for parents – no driving, no waiting, just freedom to do your thing at home while your child learns.
  • Interactive, game-based learning that keeps young minds engaged.
  • An instructor ethos around helping students connect with the joy of music-making so that their motivation to learn is intrinsic and driven by curiosity and a love of music. Our teachers believe learning music should be fun, effective, and stress-free.
  • Plus, parents have the benefit of being just a room away, ready to join in or oversee when desired

We believe that the most potent fuel for learning is a student’s innate love of music. When a student is connected to the joy of music-making, their curiosity and motivation to learn is intrinsic and leads to better results and a stress-free, harmonious relationship with their instrument.

Tunelark instructors aim to ignite this passion and offer structure and guidance, skillfully tailoring lessons to support each student’s unique journey. Our goal is to help students improve at an exciting pace while fostering a lifelong love of music.

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Damage Protection - What's Covered?

BuyOrBorrow Music offers a Damage Protection Plan that’s available for any gear rental. It protects you from having to pay the entire cost of the item, repair costs, or any other liabilities in the event of unintentional damage to the product. It does not cover theft or loss of the gear.

To see all the nitty gritty legal details of the plan, you can check out what our ultra boring lawyers have to say about it in our Terms of Membership, Rental, and Sale.