Royer R-121 Ribbon Microphone

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Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 12.35 × 7.4 × 5.8 in
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If you’re a studio engineer, the R-121 from Royer Labs probably needs no introduction: this is the studio ribbon microphone that put ribbon microphones back on the map again. Where ribbon microphones were always prized for their sound but considered largely finicky, the R-121 is equally prized for its sound and is about as durable as a ribbon microphone can be.

The mic is known for its warm and natural sound, free from the hyped-up high-end usually associated with condenser mics. It’s perfect for anything from vocals to drum rooms to guitar amps to symphonic/choral sections. With its figure-8 polar pattern, it can pick up sound equally from behind or in front of the capsule. The R-121 boasts high SPL handling for close capturing of instrument cabinets, drums, and other transient-rich sources without noise and distortion.

Rugged Design

The R-121 delivers the performance you’d expected of a top-quality ribbon microphone, but with the added benefit of not breaking when you mic a sound with a high SPL. There are no internal active electronics to overload or produce distortion up to maximum SPL rating, which is quite high indeed. Furthermore, the ribbon element is not affected by heat or humidity.

Transparent Audio Reproduction

Exhibiting almost no noise of its own, the mic is completely absent of high-frequency phase distortion, and it gives you a consistent frequency response regardless of your distance from the mic. All of this means one thing: an exceedingly transparent audio reproduction.

Great for a Variety of Sources

You can use this mic on almost everything. It excels on electric guitar amps, brass instruments, horn sections, all woodwind or symphonic instruments, drum rooms, overheads, kick drums, and more.
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