CopperSound Telegraph V2 Autostutter and Kill Switch

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Weight 1.125 lbs
Dimensions 4.9 × 2.75 × 2.98 in
Product Condition USED, NEW


Make way for the new Killswitch on the block! The successor to the popular Telegraph Stutter pedal, Telegraph V2 is the all new, killswitch and stutter system. Retaining aspects of the original Telegraph pedal was important. Instead of plastic, Telegraph V2 features an upgrade of proprietary, all-metal hardware. This sturdy (and stylish) upgrade now allows the player to control the effect with their feet, whilst still retaining tactile efficiency for hand operation. This greatly helps to improve the overall user experience. Furthermore, on the inside, they’ve designed a brand new Active circuit from the ground up. Featuring new modes and parameters effectively impossible to attain on the original Stutter…until now.


Burst mode is an automatic, tremolo-like stutter. Adjustable from 110bpm to an astonishingly fast rate. This BPM is set by the Burst Knob. Get that Les Paul pick-up selector sound at your feet. In Burst mode, the effect can be latched (with a quick press of the key). Conversely, it can be triggered momentarily (when the key is held). Meanwhile, for the player that would prefer to only have momentary mode, we provided an internal dip switch to turn off the latching feature.


Additionally – emulating aspects of the original Kill & Activate modes – the “Polarity” toggle on the side of the enclosure further enhances the possibilities of Burst mode. Firstly, when Polarity is set to “Kill”, your clean signal passes through until the key is pressed (engaging Burst). Secondly, when set to “Activate”, no audio will be heard until the key is pressed, allowing you to generate controlled bursts of sound!  Lastly, Telegraph V2 features an integrated, power loss fail-safe. Subsequently that if the pedal should lose power, it will automatically revert to a bypass state. Secure your peace of mind. Similarly, when unpowered, Kill mode can still be accessed. Chop Chop!

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