dbx 266XL Stereo Compressor / Limiter

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Weight 10.18 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 × 19 × 1.75 in
Product Condition USED

Sound Prince

The Sound Prince DBX 266XL dual compressor gate breaks it down to the essentials. Square lighted switches let you see it in the dark, but that’s about it as flashy as it gets. On board the 266xl, there’s DBX Over-easy compression, and its Auto Dynamic continually adjusts the actual attack and release times to match the program material, so you aren’t limited to using Attack and Release controls only in “peak” operation. It does all that and asks little in return — just look at the price! You can’t go wrong with the DBX 266XL.

Smooth Musical performance

A problem with many compressors is that they sound anything but musical, with gating that can swallow transients or cut off decay and reverb trails. The DBX 266XL, instead, gives you smooth release characteristics, for a more natural sound. Couple that with its affordable price, and the DBX 266XL is quite a steal for any studio or stage setup.

AutoDynamic feature puts great sound within easy reach

The DBX’s AutoDynamic circuitry serves to continuously adjust the actual attack and release times so that they optimally match the program material. It’s a goof-proof solutions for great compression — no matter the source.

Can operate in stereo or dual-mono modes

In the DBX 266XL’s stereo couple mode, the controls on Channel 1 become Master controls, and Channel 2 follows along precisely, to give you a rock-solid stereo image — even when you’re using lots of compression.


Full-featured, high-performance dual compressor/gate that uses the DBX AutoDynamic Attack and Release circuitry to deliver true musical compression for a wide range of applications

Program-adaptive expander/gates overcome the functional limitations of traditional “utility” gates — all at a price suitable for almost every application

Separate precision LED displays for gain reduction, compression threshold, and gate threshold allow quick, accurate setup

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