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Buy gift Card

Give the gift of endless musical possibilities with a BuyOrBorrow Music gift card. Simply select the tier you want, complete your purchase, and we’ll deliver the gift card straight to your email. It’s the perfect present for any music enthusiast!


User redeems

Ready to embark on your musical journey? Redeem your gift card easily on our website. Just enter the unique gift card code at checkout to activate your 6 or 12-month membership. Get ready to dive into a sea of musical gear and opportunities – your exploration is just a code away!


Unbox their Dream Gear

With your membership active, it’s time to pick your gear! Browse our extensive collection and find the perfect piece to fuel your creativity. Add it to your borrow list, and we’ll send it right to you. Whether it’s for a gig, a recording session, or just jamming at home, the right equipment is waiting for you.


Buy or Swap—With Perks!

The joy of borrowing from BuyOrBorrow Music is the freedom it brings. Keep the gear as long as you like, or swap it out monthly for something new. Fall in love with a piece? Buy it at a member-exclusive discount. Plus, earn loyalty points that you can use towards future buys or borrows. It’s not just about borrowing gear; it’s about discovering your sound and building your dream collection.

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