Moog Subsequent 25 Analog Synth

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Weight 16.00 lbs
Dimensions 14.8 × 20.3 × 6.8 in
Product Condition USED

Inspired by the Award-Winning Sub Phatty

The Moog Subsequent 25 is a 2-note paraphonic analog synthesizer that combines the high-quality analog design of classic Moog instruments with the sound engine of a modern synthesizer. With improved headroom, increased harmonic saturation and a re-tuned Multidrive circuit, Subsequent 25 takes the Sub Phatty to a whole new level.


The Moog Subsequent 25 is a cutting-edge analog synthesizer with two built-in oscillators, a dedicated sub oscillator and an onboard noise generator in a compact package. Trigger Subsequent 25 using 25 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys, or via four onboard CV input. You can even interface with your favorite DAW via DIN and USB MIDI. Subsequent 25 is fully integratable with MIDI, including automation and recall of every parameter. All of these features combined with a compact footprint and a lightweight design make Subsequent 25 the perfect synth for the stage or the studio.


Subsequent 25 makes it easier than ever to dial in thick, rich tones and complex soundscapes with paraphonic functionality. Engage the new Duo Mode to split Oscillators 1 and 2, giving you the power to play two different notes at once for limitless sonic possibilities. Subsequent 25 comes packed with an array of expertly programmed presets that will get you creating right away. With its streamlined interface and dynamic sound design capabilities, Subsequent 25 is ideal for everything from powerful synth bass to dynamic analog percussion to harmonic-rich leads.


Sculpting mesmerizing sounds and visceral textures with Subsequent 25 is simple with 32 front-panel knobs. Subsequent 25’s analog filter section contains the transformative Multidrive circuit, which uses a unique combination of OTA distortion and FET drive to create thick, rich tones. Combined with the extended headroom of the Mixer Section, Subsequent 25 opens up a new range of classic clean tones. New gain staging in the Ladder Filter provides ample harmonic saturation and analog compression for a smooth, creamy low end.


Each function is accessible from the Subsequent 25 front panel, free software Editor/Librarian, or via MIDI:

  • Mono/Duo Mode
  • Duo Osc 2 Priority
  • Filter Velocity Sensitivity
  • Volume Velocity Sensitivity
  • Audio Level
  • Osc 2 Beat Frequency
  • VCO Gate Reset
  • LFO Gate Reset
  • Pitch Bend Up Amount
  • Pitch Bend Down Amount
  • Glide Legato
  • Glide Type
  • Filter Poles
  • Wave Mod. Destination
  • LFO KB Tracking
  • LFO Range
  • Filter EG Reset
  • Amp EG Reset
  • Legato
  • Gate On/Ext.
  • MIDI Ch. In
  • MIDI Ch. Out
  • Local Control
  • 14-Bit MIDI Output
  • MIDI Path In
  • MIDI Path Out
  • MIDI Merge DIN
  • MIDI Merge USB
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