Pedalnetics Helauxy Duo Mini

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Trick Out Your Helix

A “Mini” version of the Helauxy Duo! They’ve removed the 1/4″ jack and pre-wired a pigtail jack, allowing advantage of lower-height footswitches and shrink the overall height by almost 1/2″ compared to the full-size Helauxy Duo!

The Helauxy Duo is a dual-button auxiliary switch for accessing those additional Foot Switches on your HX Stomp, without taking up valuable pedalboard space. Simply attach the Helauxy to your Stomp via the pre-applied double-sided 3M VHB tape adhesive. Pedalnetic’s switch was designed to not interfere with any of the other controls on the front of the HX Stomp. You still have full access to all buttons and knobs.

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