Pittsburgh Modular Taiga Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

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Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 8 × 6 in

A Beastly Biome of Preeminent Paraphonic Performance

The culmination of years of research, Pittsburgh Modular’s Taiga is a colorful array of analog circuits packed together in an incredible desktop semi-modular synthesizer package—combining the best elements of their work with Cre8audio. With three oscillators, a rich filter, a Dynamic section, BBD echo, and a whopping 60 patch points, Taiga is a highly exploratory musical instrument that excels both as a solo piece or among a larger modular ensemble. Additionally, you can even remove Taiga from the chassis and mount it up in your Eurorack case: so there are plenty of ways to incorporate Taiga into your studio.

Take Control Like You Never Have Before

There are a lot of circuits squeezed into Taiga, so it makes sense to give a full run-down from left to right. At the left is the sole digital module: the Control section, which handles MIDI to CV conversion, tap tempo clocking, sequencing and arpeggiation, and more. With the included Type-A MIDI TRS adapter, you can plug in your favorite MIDI controller or sequencer to play and modulate Taiga’s sounds. From there, Taiga’s three analog oscillators may be internally controlled by MIDI or decoupled for traditional oscillator behaviors. Each oscillator has a selectable waveform, which can then be modified further with the waveshaping found via the Shape control—offering multiple cascaded shapers, with six-stage wavefolding for extreme timbral effects. All oscillators are summed together in the Mixer section, along with the noise generator and external preamp.

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