Zoom B6 Bass Multi-Effect Unit

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 4 in
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Powerhouse bass multi-effects and more!

The Zoom B6 bass multi-effects processor brings you four custom-crafted DI models and three decades’ worth of modulations, drives, delays, and reverbs, in a backpack-friendly floor unit. Amps, stomps, cabs, loops, backing tracks — with the B6, everything you need for a real-world gig setting is right at your feet. There’s plenty of DSP on tap, enabling you to chain up to six effects along with amplifier emulation. The B6’s 36 preloaded cab IRs are spot on, while 130 user IR slots accommodate your third-party impulse responses. Navigating the B6 is a breeze, thanks to its customizable workflow and smartphone-class 4.3-inch touchscreen. Cycling Modes via the selector switch reassigns each of the four lower switches and their labels to your new workflow. This makes it extremely easy to bounce between looper, user presets, and pedalboard modes. Other player-essential features you’ll find in the Zoom B6 include a 45-second looper (expandable via optional SD card), 68 built-in rhythm patterns for solo performances, effects loops for peerless stomp integration, and an integrated 2-in/2-out USB audio interface for direct recording straight into your DAW. And to top it all off, this super flexible processor provides an A/B switcher that allows easy switching of basses on stage.

Four unique DI’s and world class effects

Because their products are built by musicians, Zoom understands the importance of crafting the right bass tone with DIs – that’s why they gave you four to choose from! Walk that bass through emulations of two tube and two solid state DI’s to see what low-end vibe Zoom’s B6 can bring to your stage or studio. Weave through thick lows, sharp tones, distortion, and compression to choose a DI character that perfectly suits your style. Not to mention, their new analog circuitry and 88.2kHz FX processor in conjunction with the DI’s will take your low-end frequencies to the moon and back.

Tap into custom amp and preamps models

The B6 adds seven newly designed custom-crafted amp and preampmodels to the catalog of simulations Zoom is famous for — putting exciting, ear-tickling sonic textures within your reach at the tap of a button. Zoom designed these models to evoke the best tonal qualities of the greatestamplifiers in history, then combined them to give you a variety of tonal palettes to experiment with.

  • Sun CB will get you clean, crisp bass with bright high-end frequencies.
  • Monotone is a solid-state combo suited for jazz, exhibiting a round low and mid range and a calm overall tone.
  • Clear Drive provides a linear phase filter in the distortion path, this facilitates phase cancellation during dry mixing – producing a clear drive.
  • Super Low Preamprepresents a Zoom original preamp for super low sonics. Formulated with “missing fundamental” acoustic engineering, this preamp emphasizes the low-end through a bass enhancer, a negative one octave sound, and a Lo EQ.
  • Djent Preamp marries undistorted low-end with considerably distorted high-end for that unmistakably intense, crisp distortion.
  • 1073 Preamp features that thick, warm, vintage mic preamp sound combined with the distortion of a transformer.
  • Solid Preamp was designed after a console’s solid state mic preamp and tightens down harmonics while cutting out ultra-low frequencies.

Get your grind on with distortion and other effects

The B6 is jam-packed with classic Zoom effects like dynamics, modulation, delays, reverbs, and more — the same killer sounds we’ve enjoyed for decades. And for the B6, Zoom added originally designed effects meant to take your bass’s sound to the next level of sonic distortion and electric excellence.

  • Bass Analog Octave features Zoom’s original octaver utilizing an algorithm based on analog octavers.
  • Bass Standard Synth exhibits adjustable filtering detail for Zoom’s original bass synthesizer sound.
  • Bass Synth Talk means oodles of synth sound similar to that of a talking modulator.

12 top notch cabinet emulations

The B6 is jam-packed with 12 cabinet emulations to complement its amp and preamp models, along with 36 preloaded impulse responses that were captured by placing the microphone in three different positions. This ensures that you have a wide arsenal of cabinets to choose from. A lot of bassists have their own third-party IRs — after all, we’re tone heads! But that’s not a problem with the B6. Thanks to its 130 user IR slots, you’re covered.

Big, dynamic touchscreen

No matter how complex your effects chains are, the Zoom B6’s easy-to-use, application-driven technology makes navigating them a breeze. A 4.3-inch color touchscreen enables you to drag, drop, and swipe your way to new sounds. If you can use a smartphone, you can navigate the B6.

Lots of I/O – Includes looper, effects loops, and an audio interface

The B6 packs a myriad of player-essential features. Add layers to your solo performances with a 45-second looper (expandable via optional SD card). Choose your groove from 68 built-in rhythm patterns that run the full gamut of genres and time signatures. Integrate your stompboxes and external effects using the rear effects loops. You can also use the B6 as a full-blown 2-in/2-out USB 2.0 audio interface, empowering you to record directly to your Mac or PC.

Zoom B6 Features:

  • 4 custom-crafted DI models put exciting, ear-tickling sonic textures right under your feet
  • Jam-packed with 30 years of Zoom effects: drives, modulation, delays, reverbs, and more
  • Chain up to 6 effects along with an amplifier emulation
  • 36 preloaded cabinet impulse responses with various microphones and mic positions
  • 130 user IR slots accommodate your third-party impulse responses
  • 4.3-inch color touchscreen enables you to drag, drop, and swipe your way to new sounds
  • 9 stompbox footswitches supply you with familiar pedal-style effects switching
  • Expression/volume pedal offers real-time manipulation of effect parameters (sold separately)
  • 45-second looper (expandable via optional SD card) for adding layers to your solo performances
  • 68 built-in rhythm patterns run the full gamut of genres and time signatures
  • Rear effects loops for integrating your stompboxes, amp, and external effects
  • Integrated 2-in/2-out USB 2.0 audio interface for direct-to-computer recording
  • Remote iOS connection for using Guitar Lab via Bluetooth adapter (sold separately)
  • Download additional effects with Zoom Guitar Lab
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