Summer School Electronics Class Reunion

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The Class Reunion combines Summer School Electronics’ take on a 90’s Russian Muff with our 2020’s Trash Panda in parallel with a master volume & blend knobs. Each side features its own Drive and Tone knobs as well as Diode Selection toggle. By tweaking the parameters, the user can open a world of tones which makes The Class Reunion a versatile drive as well as a Riff-Writing-Machine. The silicon setting on the muff side is a more standard classic muff sound, while the LED setting creates a darker sound with more low end. The LED setting on the Trash Panda side is the classic amp-like overdrive from the Trash Panda, while the silicon setting is a lower output, but provides a crispier fizzier drive. By mixing these diode settings with the blend knob, the user can create so many sonic flavors!

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