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School’s Out For Winter

The Snow Day Delay is the first time-based effect from Summer School Electronics. Featuring 2 independent PT2399 chips, the Snow Day Delay offers the user 2 independent delay settings that can be set, and rotated between with the onboard footswitch, or run at the same time. With 4 unique delay options between the 2 settings, the Snow Day Delay can be your classic clean digital delay sound, add some unique analog saturation to echoes, or be a percussive wave of both echoes at once.

Set It and Forget It

In standard mode, (toggle switch down) each setting offers up to about 600ms of delay time. These delays are very clear, crisp, and smooth sounding. Having 2 settings allows the user to have song specific delay settings, or allows the user to have different delay times within a song without having to rely on tap tempo. This makes the Snow Delay the perfect “set it and forget it” delay. (Pro tip: leave Delay One time at your preferred go-to delay time, and tweak Delay Two along with the feedback knob to make self-osculation spaceship sounds. Then, you can recall your first delay time with a push of a button without having to reset all the knobs how you had them before.)

An added feature is the Blizzard Mode switch. When in Blizzard Mode (toggle switch up) and the yellow light is on, the Snow Day Delay runs both delay chips at approximately the same delay time, controlled by the Delay 2 knob. This feature will lead to interesting color and saturation within the delays as the echoes begin to clip as they fade, coloring the tone more than the cleaner single delay in standard mode.

When the blue light is on in Blizzard mode, both delay times are activated, but running in parallel at independent times controlled by both delay knobs. This will lead to unique percussive delay patterns, depending on how different the delay knobs are placed, or cavernous echoes of long delays with the added saturation from the overloaded clipped signal. The two blizzard mode settings (both chips in unison, or both chips with separate times) can also be switched between with the tap of the selector button in Blizzard Mode.

The Snow Day Delay runs on 9-volt negative center power supply (not included). The Snow Day Delay comes with a lifetime warranty and is hand-built in Syracuse, NY by working musicians.

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