Walrus Audio Meraki Stereo Analog Dual Delay

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Weight 1.98 lbs
Dimensions 4.98 × 5.86 × 2.35 in
Product Condition USED, NEW

The Delay of Today

Cozy up and immerse yourself in true stereo analog delay with eight MN3005 bucket brigade chips to create warm, rich repeats capable of 1200ms of delay time with parallel, ping-pong and series delay modes. Independently control the delay times and modulation of the left and right channels to create syncopated repeats or keep them locked in to the same timing for classic delay sounds.

Versatile Delay Modes

Explore parallel, ping-pong, and series delay lines to craft your unique sound. Create syncopated rhythms or classic repeats with independent control over the left and right channels.

Precise Controls

Mix: Dial in the perfect blend of wet and dry signals with the Mix control, offering full wet/dry mix capability.

Feedback Left/Right: Fine-tune the amount of repeats in each channel, from subtle echoes to full oscillation.

Mod Depth/Rate: Add depth to your repeats with adjustable modulation, creating a chorus/vibrato effect in the repeats. Secondary functions allow wave shape and modulation phase adjustments as well.

Time: Tailor your delay time from 80ms to 1200ms, offering a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Tone: Shape the tone of your delay repeats with the Tilt EQ, cutting lows and boosting highs or vice versa.

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