Jackson Audio Broken Arrow V2

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Weight .69 lbs
Dimensions 4.84 × 2.67 × 2.75 in
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Shapeshifting Overdrive from Jackson Audio

The Jackson Audio Broken Arrow V2 overdrive pedal is coming for your other dirt boxes! This comprehensive OD is packed with a wide range of killer crunch tones from classic TS sounds to cranked Plexi grind, all emanating from its four selectable clipping diode presets. For additional tone shaping, the Broken Arrow is equipped with a 3-band Baxandall-style EQ that Jackson Audio specifically voiced for guitarists. On top of that, you get a MOSFET boost circuit for injecting amp-like attitude into your signal chain. But wait! The Broken Arrow isn’t done. It also offers an innovative Gain Cycle feature, giving you instant access to four different maximum gain settings. And guitarists are particularly excited about the Broken Arrow’s MIDI controller compatibility, which puts its bevy of settings easily underfoot. The Jackson Audio Broken Arrow may be the only overdrive pedal you’ll ever need. Just don’t tell your other stomps!

Four clipping diode presets for ultimate flexibility

For the Broken Arrow, Jackson Audio pulled out all the stops to empower guitarists with a massive range of overdrive tones, starting with four selectable clipping diode presets. Indicated by color on Broken Arrow’s Drive LED, the clipping modes include a “classic screamer” setting with two symmetrical silicon diodes (green), a chewy asymmetrical clipping mode with three silicon diodes (magenta), a focused and direct 4-diode symmetrical clipping mode (blue), and a vintage British-style amp overdrive with a wide-open sound (amber). Additionally, the Broken Arrow presents four boost presets: bright boost, mid boost, tailored boost, and full range. Jackson Audio has made selecting presets on the pedal extremely intuitive, and it’s even easier when connected to a MIDI controller.

Innovative Gain Cycle feature

Broken Arrow’s Gain Cycle mode is a standout feature not found on other overdrive pedals. Essentially, it splits the maximum gain into four equal parts, which allows you to ramp up your crunch tones to fit the shifting dynamics of a performance. Start out with a light overdrive, then progressively get heavier and heavier, until you reach maximum saturation. Throw the MOSFET boost on top, and you’ll have an endlessly screaming lead tone that burns up the stage like a nuclear blast.


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