Moog Subharmonicon Semi-Modular Polyrhythmic Analog Synthesizer

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Weight 6.0 lbs
Dimensions 12.6 × 4.2 × 5.2 in
Product Condition USED, NEW

Designed for the Exploration of Sequences

Building upon the success of the Mother 32 and DFAM semi-modular synthesizers, the Moog Subharmonicon is a Eurorack-compatible, semi-modular polyrhythmic analog synthesizer designed for the exploration of sequences that unfold and evolve over time, spiraling through 6-tone subharmonic chords and organic polyrhythms, making it well suited for producers and musicians working in the studio or performing onstage.

The sound engine is based on the music making approach developed during the 1930s and 1940s, where Joseph Schillinger’s avant-algorithmic concepts leverage music and math to create complex sounds and patterns using an easy-to-use interface.

Two analog VCOs and four subharmonic oscillators are combined for a total of six powerful sound sources. Each subharmonic tone is mathematically derived from one of the two main VCOs, offering well-defined chord shapes with a beautifully coherent quality. The onboard quantization provides perfect intervals every time with selections for multiple tuning systems. Choose between contemporary equal temperament settings, intervals of just intonation, or the unlimited freedom of no quantization at all.

Additionally, two 4-step sequencers animate the chord shapes. Each sequencer is clocked by any or all of four Rhythm Generators that output mathematical divisions of the master tempo. Layer multiple Rhythm Generators on top of each other to create complex polyrhythms and discover inspiring new patterns and styles. Delve into Subharmonicon’s dual Envelope Generators, Moog Ladder Filter, and analog VCA to call up dynamic articulations ranging from lush pads and blurred edges to percussive plosives and ritualistic rhythms.

The semi-modular design requires no patching to generate sound; however, the unit is equipped with a 32-point patchbay, which lends itself to tactile exploration and experimentation. There is a 3.5mm MIDI input that works with the included adapter to provide synchronization to MIDI signals. The Subharmonicon is fully compatible with Eurorack systems (60 HP) and ships with a power supply.

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