ASI Audio 3DME In-Ear Monitor System

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 10 in
Product Condition BUY USED

3DME In-Ear Monitor System

New Complete 3DME BT System with Enhanced Features & Longer Battery Life. Unlike any other In Ear Monitor, the 3DME Gen 2 continues its unique position as the only IEM with built in, active ambient microphones with an App to customize the mix. Gen 2 adds a monitor bypassing capability, whereby limiter and EQ functions can still be controlled from Front of House or a Monitor position when activated. Also added is a lower limiter threshold, start up squeal suppressor (useful if the 3DME is turned on prior to inserting the ear pieces), an extended battery life to full eight hours on a single charge and an improved CROS function for Musicians with hearing limits in one ear.

The Only Tunable

In-Ear Monitor System

Spectacular sound you control in live, studio or streaming performances with the ASI Audio app and miniature microphones embedded in each earpiece. Hear your music, the audience and the room as never before.

The Pros Use It

Why Not You?

Easily customize your Home Entertainment experience to suit your audio taste, without losing touch with those around you. Your favorite Movies, Television Shows, Sporting Events or Concert Films can now be experienced and enjoyed exactly as you want to hear them.


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