Danelectro The Eisenhower Fuzz Guitar Pedal

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Weight 0.59 lbs
Dimensions 4.37 × 2.31 × 2.31 in
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Eisenhower Fuzz

This 50 year old is just hitting its stride. Over the top Fuzz with super hot Octave effect. A mint example will cost you plenty. But it still will not sound half as good as this. We amped the gain and added EQ. Delicious harmonics with super “out front” octave. Sculpt setting scoops mids and boosts bass for outrageous “in your face” tone. Such Fun! —Danelectro website

 2-Band EQ

In this reissue of the Danelectro Eisenhower pedal, endless gain and retro good looks come to a high-performance guitar/bass fuzz. The Eisenhower’s 2-position voicing switch (Flat-Sculpt) and versatile gain range take you from subtle octave breakup to glitchy molten fuzz in seconds flat. The addition of a 2-band EQ gives this pedal the edge over classic octave-up circuits. Just as with Dano pedals of the past, the Eisenhower fuzz looks smashing in its crimson-colored housing with 1930s ivory radio knobs and distressed switching hardware. Whether you’re looking for classic fuzz effects or modern wall-of-sound single-guitar productions, you’ll find these and more in the Danelectro Eisenhower fuzz pedal.

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