Yamaha THR10 Modeling Amp

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Weight 6.188 lbs
Dimensions 7.22 × 14.17 × 7.22 in
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The Original Acoustic Desktop Amp

Whether you’re a fan of tube amps or modeling amps, we can all agree that having the right amp for the right job is essential, and that one amp can rarely do it all. But as home recording—and the space constraints most home recordists have to deal with—becomes more common, an amp that can do as much as possible is worth a lot.

In the form of the THR10, Yamaha’s guitar team created an amp that is optimized for the home studio. It’s a compact 10-watt tube-amp emulator based on Yamaha’s Virtual Circuit Modeling that puts five different amp simulations at your disposal. It also comes bundled with Cubase and a wealth of amp simulations and effects that are designed to provide everything you would need in a recording situation. And while it can’t deliver the sound and feel of the much bigger amps it attempts to emulate, the THR10 accomplishes the cool feat of sounding a lot like those amps as you’d hear them through monitors in a studio environment, making this a pretty perfect tool for the home-studio maven.


  • 30-Watt stereo desktop amplifier with two 3.5″ (9 cm) speakers
  • 3 Realistic-sounding mic models, plus nylon-string and flat modes
  • Professional-quality microphone preamp with XLR input
  • Bluetooth support for audio playback, editor and remote control
  • Hi-Fi audio playback with Extended Stereo Technology
  • Internal Line 6 wireless receiver works with optional Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter
  • Built-in rechargeable battery enables use anywhere
  • Class-compliant USB connectivity for recording and playback



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